Although the Friends of Richardson Hospital became a registered charity in 1981, the organisation was established in 1966 to support the original Hospital in John Street, the gift of Mr Richardson a local landowner.

When the Hospital was relocated to the current building in Victoria Road the Friends paid for the installation of the hoist system, bedside TVs and telephones and the specialised bathing equipment.
The Friends support both staff and patients by paying for little luxuries that make a hospital stay more bearable.

The Friends have provided a wealth of equipment and services to the hospital over the years.
They include medical, diagnostic and screening equipment, physiotherapy equipment, treatment couches and special chairs for the Day Rooms and Day Hospice, special mattresses, seating, hoists and bathing equipment, celebrations, toiletries, teaching/demonstration aids, newspapers and Christmas gifts, and headphones for televisions.

Some of the equipment we have purchased may also be used by the Community Healthcare teams.

Stroke Exercise Class Cycles

All for the benefit of people in Teesdale.