- A -

50/50 Auction.
Abseil Aerobics:
Air Display Show.
Alphabetic Treasure Hunt.
Antiques fair/roadshow Art Display and Sale or crafts stall/exhibition/fair.
Auction of promises

- B -

Bad hair/tie day
Bag Packing.
Balloon races
Barn Dance
Beach Party (with or without a beach!).
Bed push
Beetle Drive.
Birthday Party.
BMX bike display, or competition
Book/comic sale
Boot sale
Bouncy castle
Bring and Buy.

- C -

Cabarets/talent shows
Cake bake
Caption competition at work
Car Boot Sale.
Car Treasure Hunts.
Car Wash.
Card sales. (Christmas and/or special day)
Carol singing
Cheese and Wine
Children’s fun day
Coffee Morning
Collections of money at events/special days
Collections of other things
Computer games knockout, best if played in pairs
Cook books - writing a cookbook that can then be sold
Cookery contest
Countdown to a themed event
Craft fair

- D -


Dance marathon
Darts Match/Night.
Dinner dance/ball
Donkey Derby
Dragon boat race
Duck Race.
Dutch Auctions.