Friends of Richardson Hospital is an independent charity registered in 1981 for the benefit of local people of Teesdale, working in partnership with Community Ventures Ltd. (Facilities Management) and County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust to support the healthcare needs of the local community.

“Supporting the Healthcare of Teesdale at The Richardson Hospital”

The Friends of Richardson Hospital provide additional equipment, services and amenities for patients, staff and visitors to the Hospital. These include:

  • State-of the art medical, diagnostic and screening equipment
  • Physiotherapy equipment
  • Treatment couches and special chairs for the Day Hospital and Day Hospice
  • Special mattresses, seating, hoists and bathing equipment
  • Day Hospital outings, newspapers and Christmas gifts
  • Teaching/demonstration aids and Health Promotion tools

All the Friends’ funds are raised by the local community and spent in the local community. You can see where your money goes and your family and friends [perhaps even you] will benefit.

All the members of the Friends of Richardson Hospital are volunteers, we have no paid workers.

Contact the Chairman, Marie Yarker on 01833 637615